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Dionne Michelle's Luxury Hair Moisturizing Hair Growth Conditioner

Dionne Michelle's Luxury Hair Moisturizing Hair Growth Conditioner

Experience the benefits of our Moisturizing Hair Growth Conditioner, customized to your unique hair needs. This powerful conditioner boosts hair growth and repairs split ends, leaving your hair silky and radiant. With each use, you'll see a dramatic improvement in your hair's health, condition, and shine, giving you the confidence to tackle anything.

Our deep conditioning hair mask is a no-brainer solution for natural moisture and conditioning for your hair. It expertly moisturizes your scalp, resulting in lustrous and smooth locks. This conditioner works wonders in restoring your hair's natural integrity, preventing hair loss, and enhancing its texture, shine, and softness. You deserve nothing but the best, and our conditioner delivers just that.


Distilled water, fenugreek, detangling, moisturizing, detoxifying, rice water, restructuring conditioner bases, jojoba oil baobab oil, soy oil, carrot seed oil, aloe vera gel, rosehip oil, walnut oil, coconut oil, chia seed oil: 

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